Increase your research capacity so you can provide lawyers and BD managers with more valuable reports for better pitches and client meetings

Reduce the data management and integration burden on your firm’s IT department

Increase analyst productivity and job satisfaction by reducing manual work and facilitating insights from high-quality data sources

Lay the foundation for natural language question answering and analytics that leverages semantic structures

Automated reporting software

Integrate Internal & External Data Sources

Use data feed APIs from leading industry data and software providers to populate report templates programmatically.

Automating business reporting

Configure Customized Report Templates

Design custom report templates with the most valuable data fields and questions relevant to readers’ and law practice and business development context.

Business management reporting software

Generate Up-to-Date Profile Reports in Seconds

Automate report completion and refresh data from subscribed-to APIs so research analysts can focus on higher-value research and analysis.

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MindPeer FAQ

What is MindPeer?

MindPeer is a cutting-edge business development intelligence and research software that offers a wide-ranging catalog of data fields, along with pre-configured and customizable report templates for automated report generation. With powerful editing capabilities, MindPeer empowers your team to access deeper client insights and expand your research capacity for high-value analysis. By enabling on-demand report generation in seconds, MindPeer becomes an invaluable tool for accelerating business growth and driving informed decision-making processes. Experience the power of MindPeer and unlock the full potential of your business intelligence strategies.

Does MindPeer allow editing for the generated reports?

Absolutely! MindPeer provides a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor that allows you to edit the content fetched via the connected data source API in the generated reports. You can easily modify and customize the report content, as well as add custom sections and data fields to further enhance the report's insights. MindPeer empowers you with easy-to-use editing capabilities, ensuring that you can fine-tune your reports to meet your specific requirements and deliver impactful results.

Does MindPeer allow defining templates for reports?

Yes, MindPeer provides the ability to create personal templates. With templates, you have the flexibility to define sections and corresponding data fields, which can be selected from the library or customized to suit your unique requirements and use cases. Once a template is defined and saved, you can easily generate reports. Reports generated with the template will follow the layout and design defined in the template, ensuring consistent branding and formatting across your reports. MindPeer empowers you to create professional and customized reports that reflect your unique business needs and preferences.

How much does MindPeer cost?

For detailed information on MindPeer's pricing, we recommend reaching out to our team at

Does a MindPeer subscription include the cost of data source APIs?

Data source API costs are not included in the MindPeer subscription. The MindPeer subscription covers a comprehensive range of MindPeer features and future updates. If you want to integrate a specific data source into MindPeer, you must purchase it separately from the respective provider. Our team is always available to assist you in identifying the best data source options and helping you seamlessly integrate them into your MindPeer account.

With which data sources does MindPeer integrate?

At MindPeer, we offer seamless integration with multiple data sources, right out of the box, complete with predefined data fields. Furthermore, our platform has the flexibility to integrate with any internal or external data source, as long as an API or Datafeeds option is available. This empowers you to leverage your preferred data sources within MindPeer, unlocking a wealth of comprehensive business development intelligence. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you have access to the data you need, effortlessly and efficiently, to fuel your strategic decision-making process.

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